Experts have a new phrase for birds stealing animal hair

Some tiny birds acquire daring dangers to get a beakful of hair for their nests. Titmice have been spotted dive-bombing cats, alighting on dozing predators’ backs and plucking strands of hair from people’s heads. Now, there’s a time period for the unusual habits: kleptotrichy.

Derived from the Greek words and phrases for “to steal” and “hair,” kleptotrichy has hardly ever been explained by scientists, but dozens of YouTube videos capture the habits, scientists report on line July 27 in Ecology. Titmice — and just one chickadee — have been caught on movie tugging hair from pet dogs, cats, humans,

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Experts extract historical DNA from 32,000-12 months-outdated bear cranium

Photo of a brown bear skull - not the same skull used in the study

A brown bear skull (Not the same cranium used in the new examine) (Impression credit history: Shutterstock )

DNA extracted from a 32,500-year-outdated bear skull hints that ice age brown bears migrated to Honshu, Japan’s premier island and lived in close proximity to present-day Tokyo before finally dying out.

Nowadays, Japan’s only brown bears (Ursus arctos) stay in Hokkaido, the northernmost island in the Japanese archipelago. Evidence suggests that the ancestors of these bears migrated to the island from Sakhalin, an island just north of Hokkaido that is now component of current-day Russia. The bears very likely lumbered

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Why a cockatoo trick in Australia has experts enthralled

A couple decades in the past, a Sydney scientist seen a sulfur-crested cockatoo opening his trash bin. Not every resident would be thrilled, but ornithologist Richard Significant was impressed by the ingenuity.

It’s fairly a feat for a fowl to grasp a bin lid with its beak, pry it open, then shuffle significantly ample alongside the bin’s edge that the lid falls backward — revealing edible trash treasures within.

Intrigued, Important teamed up with scientists in Germany to analyze how a lot of cockatoos uncovered this trick. In early 2018, they uncovered from a study of citizens that birds in

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4 Lesser-Known Local SEO Tips Even the Experts Miss

More people are searching for local businesses than ever before.

This also means local search has never been as competitive as it is today.

So how can local businesses stand out and rise in the rankings?

How can you make it easy for customers to easily find your business and connect with you?

On June 9, I moderated a sponsored Search Engine Journal webinar presented by Jared McKinney and Matt Boyce of Podium.

They shared tips on how to rank higher in search using some lesser-known local SEO tips.

Here’s a recap of the webinar presentation.

Data from Google

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