Houston company brings video game technology to warehouse industry

A small local company is tackling one of the most vexing problems for the warehousing and transportation industries: measuring the dimensions and weight of a piece of freight, quickly and at a low cost. It says it has found the solution — in video games.

Cargo Spectre, founded about five years ago, has adapted video game technology for a system of scales, cameras and 3D scanners to measure and record within seconds the weight and dimensions — height, width, depth — of freight, including pallets loaded with goods and heavy machinery. This product, known as a dimensioner system, can make … Read more

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Fb brings cloud games to Iphone, iPad via world-wide-web application

Starting off Friday, Fb is bringing its nascent cloud gaming support to iPhones and iPads by a web application persons will be able to include to their homescreens like a indigenous application. The web-site will let you enjoy basic web online games like Solitaire and match-threes and stream much more graphically intensive titles like racing online games.

But many thanks to Apple’s guidelines, it’s unclear how folks will discover it, considering that 3rd-occasion builders like Fb are barred from steering their application consumers to web-sites showcasing acquiring mechanisms that are not Apple’s possess. It’s a substantial level of friction with

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