Stories from a 100-calendar year-previous sporting journal

Getting an pretty much 100-year-aged magazine is identifying a treasure trove. So when a mate observed a copy of Nationwide Sportsman, dated July 1923, I pulled out my billfold.

Reading this journal gave me a appear into times extensive absent with good desire and some laughs. I was fascinated how sportsmen perceived different outdoor topics, specially how firearms we take for granted right now were being debated. 

Below are a couple hunting quotations from this cherished time equipment from the voices of prolonged-long gone sportsmen:

Kenneth Kieser

G. Walter Booth wrote in his tale, “Winnipeg Ducks:”

 “The existing Prince of Wales had shot listed here in 1919 and his father, King George, had accomplished so again in 1902 when he visited Canada as the Duke of York. We were on the shooting grounds of royalty, the best duck capturing ground in all the globe.

“Ducks have grow to be a pest in Manitoba this very last yr. They settle in the grain fields in clouds and they are claimed to have performed far more harm to the grain than crows. In a lot of locations the farmers have used to the Provincial Governments for permission to kill extra than the lawful selection for each diem. This kind of authorization is virtually generally granted, and the end result experienced been that vehicles have been pushed out in the grain fields and crammed with ducks.”