Day: August 13, 2021


How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for SEO

Your WordPress theme encapsulates your brand’s aura and helps provide a good user experience. But people often forget about the search engine optimization (SEO) aspect of it.

A WordPress theme that isn’t SEO-friendly (or worse, is bloated and slow) can be a real hindrance in the fiercely competitive battle to land on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

And since higher rankings can drive more organic traffic, leads, and revenue — this is one element you really want to get right.

In this guide, you’ll learn what an SEO-friendly theme is, what you should consider when selecting one,

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I’m being shamed for not being an “activist” on social media.

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Dear Prudence,

I know this is a ridiculous question but bear with me. Is it OK to not use my social media to post about activism, racial justice, etc.?

I (a white woman) work at a pro–racial justice nonprofit (and have done so my entire career), actively making decisions in my own life—schools, neighborhoods, houses of worship, etc.—to live my values. I have generally used social media to stay connected with folks and share more personal updates about my nonwork life. Last summer, I began feeling guilty that I didn’t engage

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What Is SaaS? Knowing Software program As a Support

  • SaaS is a distribution product for program licensing that lets providers host their software on the net. 
  • Customers never have to obtain nearly anything to their unit to accessibility the software program.
  • SaaS platforms appear in two forms: verticals and horizontals.
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Dependent on what you do and who you speak to, you’ve both by no means listened to of SaaS, or you’ve found the time period thrown around as though you had been meant to fully grasp what that meant without any

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The UN local climate report pins hopes on carbon removing technologies that hardly exist

The UN report identified that greenhouse gases are probably to travel worldwide temperatures at minimum 1.5 ˚C above preindustrial situations within just the future 20 several years, fueling a lot more frequent and far more severe heat waves, floods, and droughts. As soon as that occurs, carbon removal is basically the only way to deliver the local weather back again to a safer zone, since the greenhouse gas persists for hundreds to 1000’s of many years in the atmosphere. (A previous alternate is, potentially, some sort of geoengineering that reflects warmth back into area, but that controversial concept offers all

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5 Promoting Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business Significant Time

  • Cami Galles is an ex-Google exec turned entrepreneur and electronic marketer.
  • Although preserving your company income is clever, she suggests reducing corners may possibly harm extra in the extensive operate.
  • Seek the services of industry experts to take care of social media platforms that you you should not know effectively, and don’t pass up out on the electrical power of movie. 
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Ecommerce earnings was up 44% yr above yr in 2020. With $861.12 billion used during a pandemic, there are a great deal of

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Tucker Carlson: Science is a trying to get of the real truth, not a political directive

NEWYou can now pay attention to Fox News article content!

We’re continuing to test to comply with the bizarre and rapidly-changing advice on COVID from the White Property. Keep in mind when they told you the past administration was incompetent? We’ve by no means viewed nearly anything like this. It is further than belief.  

It was just about a 7 days in the past that Rochelle Walensky of the CDC did her greatest to terrify all of us in excess of the new Indian strain of COVID. Walensky described the so-known as “Delta Variant” as, estimate, “1 of the

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